How much will the Apple TV 5 cost in the UK?

The Apple TV currently retails at £139 for the 32GB version, and £179 for the 64GB version. That’s more than twice the price of its predecessor. Until October 2016 Apple also sold the third generation (2012) Apple TV for £59. This unit offered less functionality than the newer model – specifically it lacked the TV App Store and the wealth of apps that bought, however its price was more akin to the prices of competing set top boxes (we look at a number of the competitors to the Apple TV here).

As the above referenced article outlines, competing gadgets such as Amazon’s Fire TV (£79.99), Google’s Chromecast Ultra (£69) and Nexus Player (£79) and Roku’s Streaming Stick (£49) cost a lot less than Apple’s offering. We think that Apple should drop the entry price of the new model. Mini PC News

We predict that there will be three Apple TV boxes available at three different price points, based on the idea that Apple will offer a lower priced entry level model to make up for the fact that it no longer sells the third generation model:

  • 32GB £99 ($99)
  • 64GB £139 ($149)
  • 128GB £179 ($199)

One of Apple’s customs is to continue to sell an older model as the lower priced entry level option. For that reason we anticipate that Apple may continue to sell the 2015 Apple TV as the entry level model.